Design challenge: Element of design Texture

This week’s design challenge will be exploring texture with a holiday theme. This year creating my holiday decor so what better way than getting my creative energy flowing than a good dose of practice.


Window glass

I bloom

I grow up

Time to let go of the past

I grow I bloom

I step out of the shadows

Time to let

My light shine

A long time has passed

No time to relax

Life is too short

To hide behind the glass window of life.


Running and running

Training and building

Here I go

Getting stronger and feeling stronger

I can do anything

I put my mind to

Run that marathon

Take that risk

Go up that spiral staircase

Keep moving upwards

Higher and higher

Don’t look back

Keep climbing up

That spiral staircase

Don’t ever stop again.

Finish that marathon.

You can win

Abstract art love theme

I choose love as this month’s theme because it is something that goes under the radar at times. Love is present every day and everywhere in different forms. Using art to express it and acknowledge it is my way of sharing love.

I love colour especially mixing it together. Abstract art has always been my go to art style for a warmup to get my creative juices flowing. In order to focus on the principle of design proportion a freedom draw is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Never knew

Never wanted

Always cleaning up the mess

Maintain a calm demeanor is a challenging task

Who knew

Who cares

Everything is well

Never knew

Never wanted

Everything can workout