Week 3 of month long design challenge: Element FORM

Entering into week three, I found my drawing skills improving. My concentration improving as well. It is a change of pace to build a new habit of drawing for a set time and place everyday. This is time I truly look forward to.

I start off with the basic geometric shapes and to get used to the forms and then I will draw a basic object like a water bottle and work on drawing it as realistic as I can.

Hope you get inspired to build a new drawing habit too.

Happy drawing



New Month long challenge

The design element FORM is my most difficult. Not going to lie, have not been looking forward to this element. With that in my. I want to really work on improving my drawing muscle memory! I am starting with a month long drawing goal and go from there.

Check out Day 1 of the design element Form.

Day 2 Design element Form
Day 3 Design element Form
Day 4 Design element Form
Day 5 Design element Form
Day 6 Design element Form
Day 7 Design element Form

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Wrapup: Design element challenge: Colour

This week has gone by so quickly. The warmer weather had me outside more and getting inspiration from mother nature’s changing colours. My love of colour has grown! I love change and this week’s challenge I used marker’s instead of pencil or paint which are my usual tools of choice.

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New week, new design element challenge: Colour

Have to admit this is one of my favourites when it comes to expression. It’s totally in my comfort zone to use many colours. Am excited to explore the design element:colour.

That’s one of the reasons why I am doing these design challenges to get out of my comfort zone. To grow as a graphic designer and artist. As each week passes I learn two things how much easier it is to get inspired and how much my drawing muscle memory I have (I liked to think is getting stronger). Day 1 Design element Colour

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Weekly wrap up: Element of Design challenge Space

Every week I make drawing out a design concept multiple times a top priority. This helps me get out if a creative rut.

Using colour and experimenting with the design element space and focusing on that one gets my brain into creative mode quicker.

Hands on or being outside with fresh air are all helpful in the design/ creative process regardless of industry.

To finally get Inspiration especially with a looming is a deadline is a fine balance.

All in all getting back to basics I found the most efficient way to inspiration.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend. Until next week creative warriors!

Peace and love


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Week wrap up of design element: Texture

Doing a weeks worth of drawing has really opened my eyes to the different types of texture. Especially how simple it is to create. I’ll admit it was hard to stop.

How do you expression texture? How does this improve your design projects?