I lay awake

The christmas lights are glowing

In the night

All is quiet

Creativity comes alive

I draw and paint

My imagination is wide awake

Until the sun starts to rise

The daylight is my midnight

Time to sleep again.


Welcome to the real world

Chores to do

Places to go

Time wasted on those

Who don’t matter

Precious time

Energy gained back

From those who care

It is all a balancing act

More love than not


This is the real world

Time to fight for your life.

The December photo challenge: Month long design challenge

Over the years I learned that the Christmas season is more than gifts. It is (for me) about sharing time with the people you care most about. Being an artist and parent at times blends in the most beautiful way. I love being able to capture moments that my family can look back on in the years to come.

The challenge a photo and a drawing that represents any of the Design Elements:

colour, texture, size, form, line, space harmony,shape and balance