Abstract art love theme

I choose love as this month’s theme because it is something that goes under the radar at times. Love is present every day and everywhere in different forms. Using art to express it and acknowledge it is my way of sharing love.

I love colour especially mixing it together. Abstract art has always been my go to art style for a warmup to get my creative juices flowing. In order to focus on the principle of design proportion a freedom draw is exactly what the doctor ordered.


Never knew

Never wanted

Always cleaning up the mess

Maintain a calm demeanor is a challenging task

Who knew

Who cares

Everything is well

Never knew

Never wanted

Everything can workout


Sunday shines

Sun shines straight into my eyes

Warm and bright

Energies are high

The beautiful fall colours

Vivid reds, oranges and yellows

Painted onto to the landscape of the forest

Fresh crisp air line the streets

As I enjoy my fall walks with my babe


Daily life

Hustle just go go go

No time to reflect

Have to accept

Life is this way right now

It seems like things will never change

I take one day at a time

One. Day. At a time.

Then life abruptly stops

Everthing changes for the better?

Love covers and holds us together

Even though our heart is in pieces

To all those who are true.

Family, friends and all those loyal beings

That arrive to support us.

Help us to mend.

Love heals and strengthen us

Helps fill the deep wounds.

Forever grateful

for all your love.

Unconditional love continued on.

Poetry Sundays a little intro.

Creative expression for me and maybe a few others is expressed in different ways. Writing especially poetry helps. No structure but a consistent schedule of writing at least once a day for 30mins to an hour. Thus has been a lifesaver in times of creative blocks due to sleep deprivation (yeah pare What helps you get into creative mode?