Wk 2:Day 4 Poster design challenge 2


The day after the storm out where I live is incredibly sunny and peaceful. The snow has settled and ice is forming on the ground. It seems like nature is frozen in time. Since it’s freezing I like to use warm colours. I get my inspiration from nature when I design. Where do you get you’re inspiration?

Peace & love


*Please note all designs belong to AllysonJenniferDesigns.

Back at it

Finally feeling better! Of course I have a renewed sense of appreciation for my health. Life is funny like that. Starting next week I will continue the poster design challenge (since I stopped midway) get on with new challenges. Stay tuned for Monday’s poster design challenge.

Peace & Love

Sleepless nights

It’s 2am my eyes are wide open
Coughing and clearing my throat
Over and over again
I try to stop
My body has to run it’s routine
My throat is dry
The air is dry
When will this end?
A few weeks in the clear
Counting down the minutes