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Check out this weeks design challenge – Element Space

Design challenges, Graphic design, Uncategorized

Week wrap up of design element: Texture

Doing a weeks worth of drawing has really opened my eyes to the different types of texture. Especially how simple it is to create. I’ll admit it was hard to stop.

How do you expression texture? How does this improve your design projects?

Design challenges, Graphic design

Back to basics: the Elements of design

Whenever I have a new project be it a business card or logo going through the process by hand helps me with creating a focused design using the elements of design.

This weeks challenge I am sharing with you my video on the design element texture. Check it out!

Peace and Love



Welcome 2018

There are many exciting events in the works and am excited to share them with you.

One thing that I take with me through the years is determination. Life gets busy and unexpected situations happen. I get up and continue upwards and onwards.

Stay tuned for more design inspiration.