To get into creative mode

Similar to exercise I do a warmup. For example I will start off in my sketch book drawing abstract for about 10 to 15 mins. Then switch (for 20 mins) to sketch out as many ideas on my current project say a logo. I found this helped me speed up my brainstorm phase and got more interesting results. What do you do to get into #creative mode?


Sky dancer

I hope. I jump. I leap then fly through the sky.

Joining all the clouds in the clear night air.

Up where the birds soar free

The limitless sky is mine for the night

Higher and higher I go

Leaving mother earth down far below.

A tiny memory of all the past to let go.

Where do you get #creative inspiration from?

Like the change of season, my inspiration for art changes. My main source is mother nature and the majestic willow tree. I love to walk along them and watch the leaves and branches move to the wind. Listening to the leaves it all helps clear my mind and helps to focus myself. I tend to find them end of summer leading into fall weather. I love the willow tree and even as a child loved to sit leaning on the trunk of the tree. Somethings never change. Where do you get art inspiration from?

Hello September

Summer has flown by very quickly and it’s now September already! Maybe it’s al of the back o schoo excitement around. Am happy to get back into Design challenges. Stay tuned for more links!

Peace and love

Outdoor events

In Toronto there are many events during the summer. Tonight I ventured out to one and it was great in my neighborhood. Amazing music, smoothies, BBQ, green space for children to run around and of course face painting. Right when we sat down to eat the clouds grew and got darker and darker. Yes a down pour started and lasted 30mins. During the mini breaks we ran the few blicks into a mall area and took the subway home. Safe and sound I enjoyed this summer evening.

Canada Happy 150th

After visiting other countries over the years, I absolutely appreciate being a Canadian. Not to mention amazed at the various types of cultures that come and share all in one place. Proud Canadian now and always! 

Ally J Design challenge: Typography 

So life has changed in the past couple of months.  New mother here! With that this challenge is about how to draw out the alphabet using a clear and bold design that helps a baby learn. I love being able to teach my baby through my design/artwork. I am drawing out upper case and lower case letters in the same page. The goal is to keep it simple, clear and cost effective. Thanks to dollar store supplies!


Lettering challenge video