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Design challenge: Element of design Texture

This week’s design challenge will be exploring texture with a holiday theme. This year creating my holiday decor so what better way than getting my creative energy flowing than a good dose of practice.

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Ally J Design challenge: Typography 

So life has changed in the past couple of months.  New mother here! With that this challenge is about how to draw out the alphabet using a clear and bold design that helps a baby learn. I love being able to teach my baby through my design/artwork. I am drawing out upper case and lower case letters in the same page. The goal is to keep it simple, clear and cost effective. Thanks to dollar store supplies!


Lettering challenge video



week 2 Day 1: Design a poster

This is a fall theme poster. Enjoying challenging myself. Getting faster and my creativity is easier to tap into now. Try to challenge yourself in art as well. I also post poetry every Sunday too, check it out! Peace and Love!

Here is this week’s design

Fall_posterHarvestclick for a larger image

*please note all information on this poster is fictional.