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New week, new design element challenge: Colour

Have to admit this is one of my favourites when it comes to expression. It’s totally in my comfort zone to use many colours. Am excited to explore the design element:colour.

That’s one of the reasons why I am doing these design challenges to get out of my comfort zone. To grow as a graphic designer and artist. As each week passes I learn two things how much easier it is to get inspired and how much my drawing muscle memory I have (I liked to think is getting stronger). Day 1 Design element Colour


Where do you get #creative inspiration from?

Like the change of season, my inspiration for art changes. My main source is mother nature and the majestic willow tree. I love to walk along them and watch the leaves and branches move to the wind. Listening to the leaves it all helps clear my mind and helps to focus myself. I tend to find them end of summer leading into fall weather. I love the willow tree and even as a child loved to sit leaning on the trunk of the tree. Somethings never change. Where do you get art inspiration from?