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Day 2 Element of Design SPACE

Design challenges, Graphic design

Back to basics: the Elements of design

Whenever I have a new project be it a business card or logo going through the process by hand helps me with creating a focused design using the elements of design.

This weeks challenge I am sharing with you my video on the design element texture. Check it out!

Peace and Love


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Poetry Sundays a little intro.

Creative expression for me and maybe a few others is expressed in different ways. Writing especially poetry helps. No structure but a consistent schedule of writing at least once a day for 30mins to an hour. Thus has been a lifesaver in times of creative blocks due to sleep deprivation (yeah pare What helps you get into creative mode?


To get into creative mode

Similar to exercise I do a warmup. For example I will start off in my sketch book drawing abstract for about 10 to 15 mins. Then switch (for 20 mins) to sketch out as many ideas on my current project say a logo. I found this helped me speed up my brainstorm phase and got more interesting results. What do you do to get into #creative mode?