week 2 Day 1: Design a poster

This is a fall theme poster. Enjoying challenging myself. Getting faster and my creativity is easier to tap into now. Try to challenge yourself in art as well. I also post poetry every Sunday too, check it out! Peace and Love!

Here is this week’s design

Fall_posterHarvestclick for a larger image

*please note all information on this poster is fictional.



A time to reflect on family and all our blessings.
A time to reflect on days gone by.
As a little girl time crawled and inched towards the end of the day and the weekend.
Time seemed to repeat being surrounded by the sameness of the past.
Nothing seemed to go fast enough when I was a little girl.
Year one, two and three all fly bye.
Days gone bye bye bye speeding towards a new beginning a new branch.
As I reflect on time gone bye I am grateful for all my blessings.

By Ally