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I lay awake

The christmas lights are glowing

In the night

All is quiet

Creativity comes alive

I draw and paint

My imagination is wide awake

Until the sun starts to rise

The daylight is my midnight

Time to sleep again.

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Welcome to the real world

Chores to do

Places to go

Time wasted on those

Who don’t matter

Precious time

Energy gained back

From those who care

It is all a balancing act

More love than not


This is the real world

Time to fight for your life.


week 2 Day 1: Design a poster

This is a fall theme poster. Enjoying challenging myself. Getting faster and my creativity is easier to tap into now. Try to challenge yourself in art as well. I also post poetry every Sunday too, check it out! Peace and Love!

Here is this week’s design

Fall_posterHarvestclick for a larger image

*please note all information on this poster is fictional.